What are we measuring?
This measure tracks the percentage of residents who say that they are satisfied with the availability of cultural opportunities in their area. The 2018 Fulton County Resident Survey provided a baseline for this measure.  Respondents were given four options to the question "How satisfied are you with the availability of cultural opportunities in your area?": very satisfied, satisfied, dissatisfied or vert dissatisfied. The survey was conducted again in the Fall of 2018.
Why are we measuring it?
The arts are essential to the quality of life of our citizens and to the economic and social health of our communities.  The mission of the Fulton County Department of Arts and Culture is to insure all citizens’ access to the arts; therefore, it is important to understand to what extent residents feel that that arts and cultural opportunities are available to them.
How are we doing?
The combined satisfaction rating based on the 2018 survey was 67.2%, compared to 78.2% in 2017. 40.8% of respondents indicating that they were somewhat satisfied and 26.4% indicating that they were very satisfied. The overall 2018 satisfaction rating was down by 11 percentage points over 2017.