What are we measuring?

This measure tracks the accessibility of locations where arts and cultural programs and events offered directly by the County are offered.  A location is considered accessible if it is within a 10-mile driving distance of a residence.  The area within a 10-mile driving distance was determined through analysis using geographic information systems (GIS) software.

Why are we measuring it?

Accessibility is an important factor in providing arts and cultural activities to residents.  Residents are less likely to take advantage of programs and events offered at centers if they have to travel an excessive distance.  Geographic analysis helps determine what proportion of the population is with a convenient distance and helps inform decisions about re-locating centers or establishing new centers.

How are we doing?

GIS analysis shows that nearly 90% of all county residents are within a 10-mile driving distance of at least one location. The map above shows the locations of arts centers and multipurpose centers in the county and the areas within a 10-mile driving distance of the centers.