What are we measuring?

The county has many restrooms in its public buildings that are available to residents and other visitors.  In 2018, the county conducted a resident survey through Kennesaw State University to gain a better understanding of  residents' views on the county's services and public buildings they have visited.  This measure tracks the percentage of residents who are satisfied with the restroom facilities.  Respondents to the survey are considered "satisfied" if they selected one of the options "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" for the question regarding their opinion of county facilities.

Why are we measuring it?

It is important for visitors to County buildings to be greeted with clean, well-supplied restroom facilities.  Dirty facilities with missing supplies signal a failure by the County in its responsibility to provide visitors with a pleasant experience while seeking its services.

How are we doing?

Based on the 2018 resident survey results, about 88% of residents were very or somewhat satisfied with the cleanliness of the County's facilities, up 1.9 percentage points from 2017.  Capital investments in facilities and better custodial services may have contributed to the improved perceptions.
2018 Survey Responses to the question "When thinking about the facility they visit most often, how satisfied are you in regard to cleanliness and available supplies?"

About 80% of survey respondents indicated that they were "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" with the facilities.  Few than 12% indicated that they were less than satisfied.