What are we measuring?

The county's public libraries occasionally experience unexpected closures due to things like air conditioning or heating system failures, inclement weather and utility outages.  The County works to minimize these unscheduled closures and the inconvenience they create for library patrons.  This measure tracks the number of hours the libraries are actually open as a percentage of their normally scheduled operating hours.   

Why are we measuring it?

Many residents rely on public libraries as an important resource for research, meeting spaces, internet access and reading materials, and they expect libraries to be open at the posted hours.  Unscheduled closures can create problems ranging from minor inconvenience to major disruption of plans when the need for resources is urgent and transportation to other branches is not available.  While many closures, especially those due to inclement weather and power outages, can not be controlled by the County, closures from mechanical failures can be minimized through good preventative maintenance practices.

How are we doing?

Libraries were closed during normal operating hours for a total of 395 hours in 2016, down considerably from the previous two years and representing an operating time of 99.5% of scheduled hours.
2018 measures were not accounted for due to several library renovations througout the  county.