What are we measuring?

This measure tracks the number of lawsuits against the County awaiting judgment at the end of each year.  

Why are we measuring it?

Tracking the number of pending lawsuits helps assess how efficiently the County is processing lawsuits to completion. While the number and complexity of lawsuits can vary greatly year to year, cases must be resolved in a timely manner in order to avoid an excessive backlog from developing.

How are we doing?

After an increase to 280 in 2015, the number of pending lawsuits declined to 223 at the end of 2016 as a  result of the Office of the County Attorney's resolution of many cases that were filed in that year.  However, by the end of 2017 the number of pending lawsuits had grown to 319 but declined in 2018. As shown in the chart below, the vast majority of pending cases at the end of 2017 were in the Revenue Enhancement practice group, which deals with tax liens, foreclosures, tax refunds and other legal actions associated with revenue.