What are we measuring?

The Office of the County Auditor is charged with providing independent, objective assurance and advisory services to Fulton County management in order to ensure the validity and reliability of fiscal and performance reporting of county-wide operations.  The Office is not responsible for enforcing corrective action but only for advising and offering recommendations. This measure tracks the percentage of audit recommendations that were agreed upon by the audited department.

Why are we measuring it?

The primary benefits of the work of the internal audit department include government accountability, reduced costs, increased revenues, and improved services.  Auditing alone does not directly produce these benefits; they only come from the implementation of audit recommendations.  Recommendations are more effective with management’s support.  One way to measure the effectiveness of recommendations is to track the percentage of recommendations agreed to by management compared to a target or goal for this measure.

How are we doing?

The last few years have seen a considerable improvement, increasing from just a little over half in 2013 to 95% in 2017 and remaining high in 2018 at 93%.