What are we measuring?

Like all governments, Fulton County is susceptible to lawsuits through any of its many functions and operations. Lawsuits may be filed in regard to employment, personal injury, wrongful death, governmental contract, taxation, tax sales, tax assessment, zoning, land use, environment and construction,   This measure tracks the amount Fulton County pays annually in lawsuit settlements, awards and attorney fees.

Why are we measuring it?

While lawsuits against any government agency are inevitable, lawsuits call into question business practices which need to be reviewed. 

How are we doing?

The total cost of lawsuits can vary widely from year to year based on the types and number of lawsuits.  While most lawsuits results in relatively small payments, a few cases with unusually large awards or settlements can result in large a large amount paid out in a given year.  The 312 cases resolved in 2018 represented a small decrease from the 319 resolved in the previous year.