What are we measuring?

This measure tracks the level of trust residents say they have in the Fulton County Government.  Level of trust has been determined through surveys conducted with the assistance of Kennesaw State University in the fall of 2016 and 2017. Residents taking the survey were asked to select which best represented their level of trust in Fulton County: very trusting, somewhat trusting, somewhat distrusting or very distrusting.

Why are we measuring it?

In order for government to carry out its functions smoothly and effectively, it must rely on the trust and engagement of its citizens.  On the other hand, only a government which shows itself to be working in the interest of its citizens and providing services efficiently and effectively can hope to earn the trust of its citizens.

How are we doing?

In the latest survey conducted in the fall of 2018, when asked to rate the level of trust for Fulton County government, almost half of participants indicated that they somewhat (49.4%) or very much (10.9%) trust Fulton County government. An additional 33.8% reported distrust, while the remaining participants had no opinion (5.9%). The percentage of residents who expressed some level of trust in the government decreased only slightly from 60.8% in 2017 to 60.3% in 2018.
Degree to which Residents Trust Fulton County Government

The numbers below represent the degree to which residents trust the Fulton County Government based on the 2016 Fulton County Resident Survey conducted by Kennesaw Sate University's Burruss Institute of Public Service and Research.  Hover over the circles to see percentages by race and age group.