What are we measuring?
The body of a deceased must be held at the Medical Examiner's Center (located on Pryor Street just south of downtown Atlanta) long enough to complete an examination or autopsy and take physical evidence.  The body can then be released to the funeral home chosen by the family even if the cause and manner of death have not yet been determined.  The goal of the Medical Examiner is to release 90 percent of bodies within 48 hours from the time they are received.
Why are we measuring it?
It is important for the family of the deceased to know that the funeral home is in possession of the body so that the the funeral and other arrangements can be scheduled.  The Medical Examiner is sensitive to the needs of the family and strives to release the body within 48 hours.
How are we doing?
In 2017, the Medical Examiner released bodies within 48 hours of the completion of the examination 87.4 percent of the time, or just under the target of 90 percent.