What are we measuring?
State law requires that the Medical Examiner complete a report of each inquiry into the circumstances of death whether through external examination or autopsy. 
Why are we measuring it?
Homicides can be the most time-sensitive forensic death investigations that the Medical Examiner performs. Information uncovered during the forensic medical examination may be critical to law enforcement in determining whether the death of an individual is the result of criminal activity; thereby necessitating a homicide investigation. In addition, evidence vital to the direction that investigation takes must be obtained quickly by law enforcement to bring the investigation to a close as soon as possible, to insure justice and to protect the citizens of Fulton County.
How are we doing?
The Medical Examiner’s Office completed autopsy reports on homicide cases within 45 days of the time of the autopsy in 28 percent of the cases. During 2016, the Medical Examiner saw a 40 percent reduction in Physician staffing due to retirements and resignations. This reduction in staff increased the number of cases assigned to the remaining physicians to the extent that this goal was impossible to meet.