What are we measuring?
The Medical Examiner's Office produces investigative, toxicology, autopsy, and other informational reports in conjunction with its duties of investigating deaths. These reports are subject to Georgia's Open Records Act (ORA), which requires a public agency to provide to a requester, within three business days, a description of available records and a timeline for when the records will be available. Further when release of the records is appropriate, the public agency must provide the records themselves "as soon as practicable." It is the goal of the Medical Examiner to respond to 90% of all requests for public records within 3 business days. 
Why are we measuring it?
The information in the documents produced by the Medical Examiner is vital to the Courts, Press, Law Enforcement, Next of Kin of the Deceased and the Citizens of Fulton County. Providing the requested documents expeditiously ensures that the information necessary for criminal investigations, civil trials, probate of a decedent’s estate, and public service reporting is available in a timely manner. In addition, prompt responses for requested documents facilitates transparency in the operation of the Medical Examiner.
How are we doing?
Requests for documents were responded to within 3 days in about 97% of all cases: 7 percentage points higher than the target figure.