What are we measuring?
This goal is based on tracking the time it takes to dispatch a priority 1 call to police, fire or EMS from the time the 911 call is answered.  This includes many police calls and nearly all fire and EMS calls.  Fulton County Emergency Services 911 provides dispatching services to unincorporated Fulton County, the cities of South Fulton, Chattahoochee Hills, Palmetto, Fairburn and Union City, and the Fulton County School Police and the Chattahoochee River National Park Service.
Why are we measuring it?
A Priority 1 call is defined as a situation or sudden occurrence that poses an actual threat of serious injury or loss of human life demanding swift police action.  A time of 2 minutes is targeted for processing the call so that precious time is will be wasted dispatching first responders to the scene.  
How are we doing?
The percentage of Priority 1 calls dispatched within 2 minutes was over 90% during the first half of 2017 but dropped just below 90 percent in the second half, bringing the average to just below the target for the year.