What are we measuring?
The radio system enables emergency dispatchers to maintain constant awareness of available response units, in order to dispatch calls appropriately and efficiently, to provide information and instructions regarding emergencies, and to assist in the coordination of an accurate response.  More than 3,500 personnel from more than 20 public safety agencies throughout Fulton County use the radio system to allow them to communicate effectively with dispatchers and other public safety personnel. 
This goal is based on tracking the percentage of preventive maintenance tasks on radio communications assets that are performed within established time targets.    
Why are we measuring it?
The timely performance of preventive maintenance tasks is essential to ensuring that the system is always operating to support public safety personnel throughout the county and to ultimately protect lives and property.
How are we doing?
Fulton County Emergency Services 911 met its target every quarter of 2017 by completing at least 95 percent of all preventive maintenance task within the established time target. Equipment requiring maintenance includes radios, towers, lights and backup generators.