What are we measuring?
Fulton County Fire & Rescue is responsible for inspecting businesses in unincorporated Fulton County to help ensure that they comply with all regulations related to fire prevention and preparedness. This includes checking for properly functioning sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, inspecting circuit breakers and other electrical equipment, checking that combustible materials are properly stored, and ensuring that exits are clearly marked and free of obstruction. This measure is aimed at tracking the number of fire safety inspections completed each year.
Why are we measuring it?
It is critical for businesses to be properly equipped to reduce the chances of a fire and to minimize the chance of injury or death for employees and customers in case a fire does occur.  It is one the core functions of Fulton County Fire & Rescue to ensure that businesses comply with the fire code.
How are we doing?
The Department met its goal of inspecting at least 1,200 businesses in 2016.  In addition, over 94% of businesses rated the quality of their interaction with the Fire personnel as "Excellent" or "Very good", exceeding their target of 90 percent.