What are we measuring?
We are measuring the percentage of average monthly dependency cases that were closed as a result of establishing permanency for the child client. Dependency cases are filed in the Juvenile Court alleging abuse and/or neglect of a child. For the purpose of this measurement, cases achieve permanency when a child is released from the legal custody of the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) because he/she is returned to his/her family, a legal custodian, a guardian or a new family through adoption. For the purpose of this measurement, each child client is counted as a separate case even though sibling groups usually share the same court file number.
Why are we measuring it?
One aspect of the Office of the Child Attorney's mission is to provide zealous and effective advocacy. This measure allows us to monitor the rate at which our clients are transitioning out of foster care and into permanent living situations. Pursuant to both Federal and State law, one of the primary objectives of dependency proceedings is to transition children out of state custody and into safe and nurturing permanent living situations.
How are we doing?