What are we measuring?
This measure tracks the number of residents per primary care physician practicing in Fulton County.  A primary care physician as used for this measures includes physicians practicing in the areas of General Family Medicine, General Practice, General Internal Medicine and General Pediatrics.  Federal primary care physicians are excluded.  
Why are we measuring?
Primary care physicians improve health outcomes by providing preventive care and ensuring coordination when patients need care from specialists, hospitals or other providers. A high ratio of residents to primary care physicians can make it more difficult for people to find a regular doctor or to schedule timely appointments.
How are we doing?
The ratio of residents to primary care physicians in Fulton County has improved over the last three for which data are available, falling from 1,039 in 2012 to 928 in 2017.  In 2017, Fulton ranked above all but three of its national benchmark counties.