What are we measuring?
The high school graduation rate, also known as the four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate, is the number of students who graduate in four years with a regular high school diploma taken as the percentage of the number of students who form the adjusted cohort for the graduating class. For any given cohort, students who are entering grade 9 for the first time form a cohort that is subsequently adjusted by adding any students who transfer into the cohort later during the next three years and subtracting any students who transfer out, emigrates to another country, or dies during that same period.
Why is it important?
High school graduation rate is a key indicator of the high school education quality in the County. The economy today calls for critical skills that go beyond the basics. Education is crucial to the success of citizen's career and lift. High school graduation rate reveals the readiness for success in college and careers for every high school student in the County. 
How are we doing?
The graduation rate for all public high schools in Fulton County has increased from 73 percent in 2014 to about 85 percent in 2017.  The dramatic increase in the graduation rate reflected in 2015 is likely attributable to the fact that the state of Georgia changed the testing requirements for graduation during that period.