What are we measuring?

The College and Career Ready Performance Index – CCRPI – is Georgia’s annual tool for measuring how well its schools, districts, and the state itself are preparing students for the next educational level. The Board of Education adopted a new method for calculating the CCRPI in the last school year so that the 2018 scores are not comparable to those of prior years. 

Why is it important?

According to the Center for College Readiness, only 45% of students enrolled in post-secondary education will earn a bachelor’s degree due to the fact that many students must take remedial coursework in their first two years. Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses better prepare students for post-secondary education and help ensure that more students will earn their university degrees. It is essential that higher-education institutions have a pipeline of well-prepared students equipped with the skills and knowledge to compete and collaborate in a global economy.

How are we doing?

Fulton County Schools had the the fourth highest CCRPI score among all public school systems in the regional benchmark counties.  On the other hand, Atlanta Public Schools had next to the lowest score.  The average for all public high schools in Fulton County fell near the middle of the regional benchmark counties.
Comparison of Post High School Readiness Rates
There is a substantial disparity between rates for Fulton County School System (FCSS) and Atlanta Public School System (APSS). Schools in FCSS rate about 34% higher than those in APSS. 
* The college readiness rates of Carver High School and South Atlanta High School are calculated by multiple data from schools in the school zones.
** Rates are expressed in percentage.
College Readiness Comparison for School Zones in Fulton County, Georgia