What are we measuring?

This key performance indicator measures the total number of people employed by private industries in Fulton County. Private industry includes any non government employer from small businesses and major corporations.  The data are taken from  the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Census of Employment and Wages and includes the number of people employed by all private industries.

Why is it important?

The total number of people employed by private industries is a key indicator of the economic vitality of the County.  The number of people employed by industry in the County is also in part a measure of its economic stature within the metropolitan region in that the County's employment base draws from neighboring counties and even from other states.  A county with a dominant economic position within its region may have a workforce that far exceeds its resident labor force because a large proportion of its workers travel from their homes outside the county.

How are we doing?

The total number of people employed by private business in Fulton County has been generally increasing since the fall of 2009. As of September 2018, private industry in Fulton County employed about 782,000 people, up 24,000 from the same time in 2017.  Among it's national benchmark counties, Fulton ranked second only to Hennepin County, Minnesota in the number of people employed by private industry. 
Compared to all counties in the U.S., Fulton ranked sixteenth in the number of people employed by private industry and was second only to Dade County, Florida among counties in the southeastern U.S.
The large workforce within Fulton County depends heavily on residents from surrounding counties commuting into Fulton to work.  According to the Census Bureau's Commuting Flows data, nearly 60 percent of Fulton County's workforce commutes in from other counties, far outstripping all of its benchmark counties and placing it twenty-fifth among all U.S. counties in the percentage of out-of-county workers.