What are we measuring?

This measure represents combined annual spending by the local jurisdictions (cities and county) within Fulton County on highways and streets. The expenditures included in this measure are those reported annually to the Georgia Department Community Affairs (DCA) as part of the Report on Local Government Financing.

Why is it important?

A healthy local economy depends on a reliable transportation infrastructure to connect supply chains and efficiently move goods and services. A well-maintained road network also connects county residents to opportunities for employment, healthcare and education in and around the county. Expenditures by the county's various jurisdictions reflect their level of commitment to building and maintaining an adequate highway and street infrastructure.

How are we doing?

Spending on roadway infrastructure by all Fulton County and its local jurisdictions remained fairly constant over the past few years with a slight increase in 2015. The largest expenditures were made by Atlanta (35%), Sandy Springs (17%) and Johns Creek (13%). Fulton's contribution toward the overall expenditures was about 4%.
Percentage of Total County Transportation Expenditures by Local Jurisdictions