What are we measuring?
This measure tracks the percentage of 6th through 8th graders attending public schools in Fulton County who scored at or above the level set for students on the track to college and career readiness, measured as the percentage of students in grade 8 achieving a Lexile measure equal to or greater than 1050 on the Georgia Milestones English Language Arts (ELA) End of Grade (EOG) assessment.  Students scoring at this level have demonstrated proficiency in the knowledge and skills as specified in Georgia’s content standards and are considered prepared for the next grade level or course and are on track for college and career readiness.
Why are we measuring it?

How are we doing?
Fulton County 6th through 8th graders, including those attending Fulton County and Atlanta Public Schools, scored on average higher than only 2 out of 9 regional benchmark counties-- DeKalb and Clayton; however, students in the Fulton County Public Schools System scored on average significantly higher than students in the Atlanta Public School systems. Forsyth schools ranked the top with 83.8% of students scoring 650 or higher.