What are we measuring?
This performance measure tracks the percentage of residents who are satisfied with fire services* as estimated through a survey conducted in partnership with the B. L.  Burruss Institute of Public Service and Research in which Fulton County residents were asked "How satisfied are you with fire department services?  Would you say that you are currently very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, somewhat dissatisfied, or very dissatisfied?"  Respondents who answered "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" were counted as being satisfied.  The first survey was conducted between August and October of 2016 and a second survey was conducted in the fall of 2017.  As of February 2018, only the results of 2016 were available and those are the results shown on this page.
Why are we measuring it?
While fire departments are still associated strongly with fighting fires, today's fire fighters serve residents in many ways beyond responding to fires.  Fire fighters are trained as emergency medical technicians and use that training in accidents to care for the injured and secure the scene before ambulances and police arrive.  They also act as rescuers in the case of natural disasters such as tornadoes to treat victims and search for the missing.  A firefighter also educates the public and works as an inspector to prevent fires. Inspectors ensure that local businesses meet fire codes and make sure fire escapes, alarms, and sprinkler systems are in place and are in good working order.  
How are we doing?
The 2016 resident survey indicated that 84 percent--or 17 out of every 20 residents--felt satisfied with the services they received from their fire department.  About 11 percent of those responding to the survey stated no opinion, leaving fewer than 4 percent who expressed dissatisifaction.  The results of the 2017 survey will be reported as soon as they become available.

The impressions residents have of a their local fire department are often formed from the level of professionalism and competence fire fighters display outside of an emergency situation.  The level of satisfaction tracked through the performance measure on this page therefore serves as a good gauge of how well fire fighters in the jurisdictions of Fulton County perform not only during emergencies but also during their daily interactions with citizens.

* As of February 2018, there are fourteen career fire departments and one volunteer fire department operating in Fulton County.