What are we measuring?
This performance measure tracks the percentage of residents who say they feel safe in their community as estimated through a survey conducted in partnership with the A. L.  Burruss Institute of Public Service and Research in which Fulton County residents were asked "How safe do you feel in your community?  Do you feel very safe, somewhat safe, somewhat unsafe or very unsafe?"  Respondents who answered "very safe" or "somewhat safe" were counted as feeling safe.  The first survey was conducted between August and October of 2016 and a second survey was conducted in the fall of 2017.  As of February 2018, only the results of 2016 were available and those are the results shown on this page.
Why are we measuring it?
People who feel safe in their communities are more likely to participate in community activities and to allow their children to participate as well.  
How are we doing?
The 2017 resident survey indicated that 85.2 percent felt safe in their community.  The results of the 2016 survey indicated that 82.6 felt safe, slightly lower than the 2017 number but within the margin of error of the survey.