Response Time Breakdown (Priority 1)

The response time for Priority 1 calls can be broken down into multiple components: the amount of time lapsed between arrival of 911 call, police dispatch, departure, and arrival on scene.

What we are measuring

Police Response Times record the amount of time lapsed between when an emergency call is placed and when law enforcement arrive on scene. Further measurements of police response indicate the time between call and dispatch, and how long police are enroute to the location.

Why we are measuring it

Emergency response times are being monitored to outline average response times based on different priority level calls and to recognize any trends in the current data. 

How we are doing

Police response time for priority 1 calls has maintained an average rate of 13.6 minutes between 2014 and 2017. Trends are identified in the response times to priority 2 and priority 3 calls with current average response times of 33.4 and 44.2 minutes, respectively.