What are we measuring?
Residential code violations are violations of the Fulton County legal code that occur on residential properties. Common residential violations are over-grown grass and weeds, unsightly or unsanitary placement of trash and debris, and illegally parked or junked vehicles. This metric applies to code violations that fall under county jurisdiction, or those that occur in the unincorporated part of the county.
The Fulton County code enforcement function was transferred to the new city of South Fulton in August 2017.  The residential violation rate for 2017 was measured from January through July of that year and annualized for the purpose of comparing to previous years.
Urban Blight, photo by Natalle Maynor, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/
Why are we measuring it?
Code violations are often associated with vacant and abandoned properties, which in turn are often associated with crime. Therefore, a high violation rate may be an indicator of an unsafe and blighted neighborhood. Through strategic code enforcement, the county in partnership with the community can take steps to stabilize neighborhoods and prevent the spread of blight and the associated code violations.
How we are doing?
After declining in 2015, residential violations saw a substantial increase in 2016, reaching 75 violations per 1000 residential properties.  Violations in 2017 as measured through July when the code enforcement function was transferred to the city of South Fulton increased further to 91 violations per 1,000 residential properties (annualized).