What are we measuring?
Business code violations are violations of the Fulton County legal code that occur on commercial or industrial properties or that are otherwise committed by business operators. Common code violations include the posting of sign in the public right-of-way without a permit, the improper storage of equipment, appliances and trash cans, and illegal roadside vending.  
The Fulton County code enforcement function was transferred to the new city of South Fulton in August 2017.  The residential violation rate for 2017 was measured from January through July of that year and annualized for the purpose of comparing to previous years.
Why are we measuring it?
The purpose of code enforcement is to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment.  Illegally posted signs can not only be unsightly by cluttering the community landscape, but can also threaten safety by blocking the vision of drivers or obscuring traffic signs.  
How are we doing?
Violations by businesses rose dramatically from 86 violations per 1,000 commercial and industrial properties in 2015 to 217 violation per 1,000 properties in 2016.  Violations remained at similar levels through July of 2017 when the code enforcement function was transferred to the city of South Fulton.