External Affair

Department Information
Phone: 404-612-8300 | Address: 141 Pryor Street, SW Suite 3090 Atlanta, GA 30303
Jessica Corbitt, Director
Services are delivered through three divisions:
  • Broadcast/Cable/Film: Manages Fulton Government Television, Fulton Films and Fulton County's cable franchise agreement.
  • Communications: Responsible for disseminating information about Fulton County programs, policies and priorities among Fulton County residents, employees, and journalists. The Communications Division plans and executes special events, manages digital communications and social media, and manages a number of other initiatives. View the Fulton County Newsroom.
  • Intergovernmental Affairs: Fulton County works closely with city, state and federal partners. The Department of External Affairs, Division of Intergovernmental Affairs, is responsible for preparing Fulton County's annual state and federal legislative agendas, and for monitoring policy matters that may impact Fulton County operations.

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Increase in the growth in YouTube viewers from previous quarter
Why is this important: N/A

Description: Number of Film Partnerships and Permits
Why is this important: N/A

Description: Number of Productions and Coverage
Why is this important: N/A

Description: Percentage of customers who indicate their expectations were met when receiving service from the Department.
Why is this important: This department surveys internal customers who received services from the department for the customer service survey. The surveys are conducted quarterly through email. The number of participants vary each quarter.