About Fulton Performance

Fulton Performance is Fulton County's platform for presenting information on it's own performance and for generally promoting transparency in the operations of the county government.  
The site was developed and is maintained by the Fulton County Strategy and Performance Management Office with the support of the Board of Commissioners, county executive leadership and the County's many departments and agencies.
Fulton Performance is built on and guided by the County's vision, mission and six priority areas as identified by the Board of Commissioners.
Fulton County is a positive, diverse community with a thriving economy, safe neighborhoods, healthy residents, and a rich quality of life that all people can enjoy. It is served by a County government that is recognized for being innovative, effective, efficient, and trustworthy.
To deliver efficient, high-impact service to every resident and visitor of Fulton County.
 Strategic Priority Areas
In order to accomplish our mission and work toward our vision, the Board of Commissioners organized the County’s efforts into six Strategic Priority Areas that reflect the major goals of Fulton County government and our commitment to serve all residents.
  • All People are Safe
  • All People are Healthy
  • All People are Self-Sufficient
  • All People have Economic Opportunities
  • All People's Lives are Culturally and Recreationally Enriched
  • All People Trust Government is Effective, Efficient and Fiscally Sound