Health & Human Services 

Creating a healthy community depends on three factors: the adoption of healthy behaviors, the availability and quality of the healthcare services, and the physical environment in which individuals and families live, work, and play. In addition, Fulton County is committed to providing a safe space where our most vulnerable population can receive the care and community support they need. Health & Human services are critical to the vitality of its community. The County is also striving to decrease health disparity and increase health equity throughout by incorporating the "Health in All Policies" to mitigate health issues.

Performance Dashboards and Initiatives 

Strategic Performance Dashboard
Strategic performance measures track activities which often extend beyond the power of one department or even the county government to affect on its own, but we believe improvements can be made in these areas through cooperation between departments and through partnerships with other government agencies, non-profits and the private sector.  View dashboard
Department Performance Dashboard
Department performance measures are specific to county departments and are designed to track performance for the programs and services provided by each department. Departments set annual performance goals and report quarterly on their progress toward those goals.  View dashboard
Fulton County Strategic Initiatives
Strategic initiatives are major undertakings often involving multiple departments and are aimed at meeting strategic objectives. This section provides information on County's current year initiatives under the Health and Human Service priority area as well as accomplishments related to initiatives from last year. View initiatives

Health & Human Services Priority Area Sponsors

County Commissioners
Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman, District 6
“We will improve our quality of life. We will eliminate food deserts. We will improve access to affordable housing, and we will fight for environmental justice. Also, we will fight for Grady and our community health clinics to make sure we serve the people where they are so, as one great leader said, they can ‘live until they die.’ ”
Commissioner Bob Ellis, District 2
"Fostering a healthy community is a collaborative effort where the County establishes access to resources which allows residents to engage and thrive across the health spectrum."

Chief Officers for Priority Area Departments
Dr. Pamela Roshell, Deputy Chief Operating Officer 
As Deputy Chief Operating Office, Dr. Roshell is responsible for overseeing Health and Human Services.

Department Heads
LaTrina Foster, Director, Behavioral Health
The mission of Behavioral Health is to consistently provide high quality and culturally competent behavioral health care services to the most in-need citizens of Fulton County.  Our vision is to be the premier provider of state-of-the-science, community-based behavioral health services in the region.
Dr. Lynn Paxton, Director, Board of Health 
The mission of the department of Board and Health is to promote, protect and assure the health and Wellness of the people of Fulton County.
Stanley Wilson, Community Development
The mission of the Department of Housing and Community Development is to create strong, sustainable and inclusive communities, and to alleviate the causes and conditions that lead to homelessness in Fulton County.
Jeff Cheek, Director, HIV Elimination
The Atlanta Ryan White program purpose is to improve the availability and quality of care for low-income, uninsured, and under insured individuals and families affected by HIV in the 20-County Atlanta Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA).
David Clark, Director, Public Works 
The Transportation Division of Public Works is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the County’s infrastructure. It provides a variety of services to the citizens of Fulton County, internal operating departments, and governmental agencies.
Ladisa Onyiliogwu, Director, Senior Services
The purpose of the Senior Service department is to connect residents to the right resources that aid and support their goals for active aging, care and self-sufficiency. Senior Services support the aging in place with respect, quality and dignity. Through partnerships and contracts with community based organizations, in conjunction with the Older Americans Act Program, the department offers an array of evidence based and innovative programs that positively impact the fastest growing population in Fulton County.