All People are Healthy

Creating a healthy community depends on three key factors – the adoption of healthy behaviors by county residents, the availability and quality of the health care services that those residents receive, and the physical environment in which those individuals live, work and play.  The County plays an important role in all three aspects. It educates and encourages residents to follow practices that lead to better health. It also provides direct care to many residents – at its facilities and through contracts with other organizations. Finally, Fulton County has a responsibility to deliver safe drinking water and wastewater services, ensure that residences and businesses are maintained in a manner that does not compromise public health, and monitor food establishments to make sure that they are operated consistent with healthy practices.

All People Are Healthy Priority Area Sponsors

The sponsors for the All People are Healthy priority area provide the vision and leadership needed to develop and drive the initiatives aimed at ensuring the residents of Fulton County are healthy. 
County Commissioners
Commissioner Natalie Hall
Commissioner Hall believes in a holistic approach to health that includes, but is not limited to, having good physical and mental health, access to healthy food, access to quality healthcare, gainful employment, and obtaining an overall quality of life that sustains the individual and their family.

Chief Officers for Priority Area Departments
Anna Roach
As Fulton County's Chief Strategy Officer, Ms. Roach is responsible for strategic planning including detailed multi-year operating plans with clear metrics and investment cases to help Fulton County Government reach the six key strategic areas identified by the Board of Commissioners this year.  She is also responsible for performance reporting to the Board of Commissioners and the public on progress. Departments reporting to Ms. Roach include Ryan White for this priority area.
Todd Long
As COO, Mr. Long runs all day-to-day operations of Fulton County’s citizen-facing departments and is ultimately responsible for citizen satisfaction with services and improving efficiency in operations. Departments reporting to Mr. Long include Health and Wellness, Behavioral Health, and Public Works.

Department Heads
Dr. Kathleen Toomey, Director, Health & Wellness
The mission of the department of Health & Wellness is to promote, protect and assure the health and Wellness of the people of Fulton County.
LaTrina Foster, Director, Behavioral Health
The mission of Behavioral Health is to consistently provide high quality and culturally competent behavioral health care services to the most in-need citizens of Fulton County.  Our vision is to be the premier provider of state-of-the-science, community-based behavioral health services in the region.
David Clark, Director, Public Works (Water)
The Engineers and Project Managers of this section are responsible for all aspects of public water and wastewater infrastructure improvements and maintenance both in the field and in the office. Whether it is designing plans, rehabilitation and maintenance of existing infrastructure, installing new County maintained sanitary sewer and public water, and planning for the future, our Engineers are involved every step of the way.
Jeff Cheek, Director, Ryan White
The Atlanta Ryan White program purpose is to improve the availability and quality of care for low-income, uninsured, and under insured individuals and families affected by HIV in the 20-County Atlanta Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA).