All People are Healthy

Key 2016 Accomplishments

  • Developed transition roadmap to establish a Fulton County Board of Health.
  • Adopted reformed service delivery model for Behavioral Health.
  • Reformed Grants management process.

2017 Strategic Initiatives

  • Establish Fulton County Board of Health to improve delivery of public health services and achieve statewide coordination
  • Implement the new behavioral health service delivery model, and identify provider(s) to: expand services for clients; improve re-entry and discharge planning coordination; and better address substance abuse and other behavioral health issues within schools.

  • Implement HIV Task Force recommendations to reduce the occurrences of positive cases in our community.
  • Invest $300M for the expansion of Big Creek  and Little River to improve water quality and services in our communities.
  • Establish partnerships to raise awareness of "Early Brain Development" (a Georgia Department of Public Health Initiative) and impact long-term outcomes for children.