Health & Human Services

2021 Strategic Initiatives

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2019 Strategic Initiatives

  • Continue efforts to implement the Public Health in all Policies and Programs initiative
  • Expand of Behavioral Health services to youth and adults by leveraging state partnerships and resources
  • Continue support of the Grady/MAT Center for an additional treatment capacity for opioid addiction treatment
  • Expand HIV Test and Treat program to address the growth and spread of the disease

2018 Strategic Initiatives

  • Develop a strategic framework with Grady and Board of Health to target specific population health outcomes and optimize resources.
  • Continue to implement HIV Task Force recommendations.
  • Invest $10M in the new Behavioral Health service delivery model, reaching 3,000 patients and demonstrating a more effective module working with State DBHDD partners.
  • Continue with the $590M capital investment program in Water Resource investment program. 
  • Develop a Strategic Plan for sustainability that promotes the county as a leader in environmentally friendly development and practices. 

2017 Accomplishments

  • Developed transition roadmap to establish a Fulton County Board of Health and relocated health services to state of the art facility.
  • Selected Behavioral Health contract provider for new, state-supported, service delivery model. 
  • Initiated $590M+ investment in water infrastructure improvements.