All People Are Safe

Vision for the Priority Area

Fulton County residents expect to be safe at home, at work and in their communities.  In addition, they want their communities to be ready to handle public safety emergencies, ranging from fire to storms.  Achieving the outcome that “all people are safe” requires that individuals and businesses take proactive steps to be prepared for these situations and that the County – in partnership with municipal and state agencies – also demonstrates preparedness, and responds quickly and effectively to incidents. Finally, residents expect the justice system – from the jails to the courts – to process cases in a fair, timely, and respectful manner.

Leadership for this Priority Area

Chairman John H. Eaves, District 7, At-Large 
Executive Sponsor: All People Are Safe
“When we said we want all people to be safe, we meant it. We have outfitted our police and fire units with new state-of-the-art equipment. And we are doing a major overhaul of our justice system to reduce our jail population and keep inmates from becoming repeat offenders. We’re on a great track for 2017.”
Commissioner Marvin Arrington, District 5
Executive Sponsor:  All People are Safe:
"I’m hopeful that the Justice Reinvestment Initiative will help not only with the courts and jails, but impact the lives of citizens on a daily basis. All people need to feel safe where they live, work, play, pray and pay. In addition, Fulton County is a leader in arts funding. Arts and culture give life texture and expression. I look forward to securing continued support for the arts." 

Agencies and Departments

  •  Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency        Matthew Kallmyer, Director
  •  Emergency Services 911                                                  Joseph Barasoain, Director
  •   Fulton County Fire & Rescue                                           Larry Few, Chief

  •  Office of the Child Attorney
     Coy Johnson, Director
  •  Fulton County Police                                                          Gary Stiles, Chief

Justice Coordinating Committee

  •  Fulton County Board of Commissioners                    Chairman John Eaves
  •  Superior Court                                                                   Chief Judge Gail Tusan                
  •  State Court of Fulton County                                            Chief Judge Diane Bessen
  •  Magistrate Court                                                                Judge Cassandra Kirk
  •  Probate Court                                                                    Judge Pinkie Toomer
  •  Juvenile Court                                                                    Chief Judge Bradley Boyd 
  •  District Attorney                                                        Honorable Paul L. Howard 
  •  Public Defender                                                        Honorable Vernon Pitts
  •  Sheriff                                                                        Honorable Theodore Jackson

  •   Marshal                                                                                   Antonio Johnson
  •   Superior Court                                                             Honorable Cathelene Robinson 
  •   Superior Court                                                                     Yolanda Lewis Court Administrator
  •   State Court of Fulton County                                               LeNora Ponzo Chief Clerk
  •   Juvenile Court                                                                             Omotayo Alli Chief Administrative Officer 
  •   Fulton County Manager                                                     Dick Anderson
  •   Fulton County Chief Strategy Officer                                   Anna Roach
  •   Fulton County Chief Financial Officer                           Sharon Whitmore 
  •   Solicitor General                                                         Honorable Keith Gammage

Key Strategies

  • Empower residents and businesses with information, tools, and motivation to prevent crime.
  • Improve the quality and speed of law enforcement, fire and emergency response.
  • Improve the County's ability to solve crimes.

  • Establish an integrated, sustained approach to addressing teen delinquency.
  • Process cases in an efficient and fair manner by strengthening court administration process. 

2016 Accomplishments

In 2016, Fulton County made immense strides in its efforts to ensure the safety of all citizens. 
These included efforts both in the justice system as well as investments in public safety agencies as noted below:
Justice Reinvestment:
Fulton County launched a Justice Reinvestment initiative in 2016, that seeks to: 
  • reduce the number of inmates in the jail; 
  • increase the speed at which cases are processed; 
  • address the number of inmates with mental illness; 
  • reduce administrative costs. 

Public Safety Radio System:
In 2016, Fulton County invested $20 million to upgrade the Public Safety Radio Network to a new digital system, replacing an aging analog system. 
The enhanced public safety radio system provides life-saving technology serving 3,500 personnel from 20 public safety agencies. 
Residents in unincorporated Fulton benefited from investments in fire service. These included: 
  • Three new fire engines brought into service 
  • Grand opening of two new fire stations 
  • 18 new fire recruits 

Fulton County’s Police department continued exemplary service to citizens. In addition to crime prevention and policing, community outreach was a key priority. The department held numerous "Coffee with a Cop" sessions throughout the year. 
  • 39 new police vehicles 
  • 43 new police recruits 
  • Procurement of body cameras and dash cameras for greater transparency. 

2017 Financial Area Snapshot

Key Area Objectives and Measures

Residents and businesses comply with community safety standards.
Area Measures:
  • Violent Crime Rate
  • Property Crime Rate
  • Rate of residential code violations in Fulton County
  • Rate of business code violations in Fulton County

Those who violate community standards are held accountable.
Area Measures:
  • Percentage of validated code violations resolved by the property owner.
  • Percentage of crimes solved

The County's public safety and justice system responds in a timely manner.
Area Measures:
  • Percentage of response time reported between the time of the receipt of a priority 1 emergency call and the arrival of emergency personnel.
  • Percentage of response time from receipt of the 911 call to the arrival of the fire unit on the scene.
  • Percentage of cases that move from arrest to filing of a charge in 90 days or less.
  • Percentage of reported code violations that are investigated within three business days.

The number of repeat violators/offenders is reduced.
Area Measures:
  • Percentage of those who commit code re-violation in the previous 12 months with an existing code violation. 
  • Percentage of those who are are convicted of a crime and released in Fulton County who are arrested again within 12 months of beginning their probation/re-entry into the community.

Residents feel safer in their community and services provided by the justice systems.
Area Measures:
  • Percentage of residents who are satisfied with court services. 
  • Percentage of residents who are satisfied with fire services.
  • Percentage of residents who are satisfied with police services.
  • Percentage of residents who feel safe in their community.


The following departments play a crucial role in achieving the County's strategic objectives around safety and security of our residents. Visit each department's dashboard to explore their performance measures.

Departmental Goals Snapshot

Fulton Forward in 2017

•  Justice Reinvestment Initiative - $7.5M 2017 set aside for a plan to reduce the number of inmates in the jail; increase the speed at which cases are processed; address the number of inmates with mental illness; and reduce administrative costs.
•  Facilitate implementation of Crisis Intervention Training for Police Departments within the County to ensure individuals with behavioral health and substance abuse issues are diverted to receive appropriate treatment and services.

Justice Reinvestment Initiative

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