All People have Economic Opportunity

Fulton County plays an important role in creating the right environment to stimulate economic growth and develop an able workforce. The County serves as a key connector between the business community, education providers, job seekers, and the municipal governments who serve them. It is the County’s responsibility to ensure that public resources are aligned in the effort to support business growth and develop the skills and training of the workforce.

Performance Dashboards and Initiatives

Strategic Performance Dashboard
Strategic performance measures track activities which often extend beyond the power of one department or even the county government to affect on its own, but we believe improvements can be made in these areas through cooperation between departments and through partnerships with other government agencies, non-profits and the private sector.  View dashboard
Department Performance Dashboard
Department performance measures are specific to county departments and are designed to track performance for the programs and services provided by each department. Departments set annual performance goals and report quarterly on their progress toward those goals. View dashboard
Fulton County Strategic Initiatives
Strategic initiatives are major undertakings often involving multiple departments and are aimed at meeting strategic objectives. This section provides information on County's current year initiatives under the All People Have Economic Opportunities priority area as well as accomplishments related to initiatives from last year. View initiatives

All People have Economic Opportunity

The sponsors for the All People have Economic Opportunities priority area provide the vision and leadership needed to develop and drive the initiatives aimed at ensuring the residents of Fulton County have economic opportunities.
County Commissioners
Commissioner Liz Hausmann 
“During the past year, Fulton has taken major steps to attract quality jobs to our County for the benefit of our residents, the biggest step being the passage of TSPLOST. Our new economic development office, Select Fulton, serves our residents by engaging potential employers, learning their needs, and showing them how Fulton can meet those needs.”
Chief Officers for Priority Area Departments
Anna Roach, Chief Operating Officer
As COO, Ms. Roach runs all day-to-day operations of Fulton County’s citizen-facing departments and is ultimately responsible for citizen satisfaction with services and improving efficiency in operations. Departments reporting to Ms. Roach include Hosing and Community Development, Planning and Community Services,  and Public Works.
Alton Adam, Deputy Chief Operating Officer
As Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Public Safety, Mr. Adams is responsible for overseeing all Justice Agencies along with Public Safety departments.
Ellis Kirby, Deputy Chief Operating Officer
As Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Infrastructure, Ellis Kirby is responsible for managing Public Works, Real Estate & Asset Management, and Information Technology, and provide strategic alignment with Registration & Elections. 

Department Heads
Dr. Pamela Roshell, Director, Community Development
The mission of the Department of Housing and Community Development is to create strong, sustainable and inclusive communities, and to alleviate the causes and conditions that lead to homelessness in Fulton County.

Al Nash, Director, Development Authority
The mission of the Development Authority is stimulate quality economic development in Fulton County using comprehensive marketing programs designed to expand and diversify the tax base, provide quality jobs, retain existing businesses and sustain quality of life for residents throughout Fulton County.
David Clark, Director, Public Works (Transportation)
The Transportation Division of Public Works is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the County’s infrastructure. It provides a variety of services to the citizens of Fulton County, internal operating departments, and governmental agencies.