All People have Economic Opportunities

2019 Initiatives 

  • Match funding for the planned Fort Mac Career and Job Training center and launch program
  • Invest in workforce development to provide staffing to support community outreach, job fair representation, and liaison to other local and regional workforce programs
  • Invest in airport “gateway” enhancement to support economic growth in the strategic area
  • Complete Airport Master plan for the development of the Fulton County General Aviation Airport
  • Finalize transit plans for major corridors

2018 Initiatives 

  • Continue to provide TSPLOST oversight and reporting.
  • Move Fulton County's Transit Plan forward, and seek legislative funding options.
  • Implement GASB 77 reporting protocols, and enhance ROI and governance approach for tax abatement. 
  • Implement marketing campaign to raise awareness of and increase economic investment in Fulton County.
  • Align workforce development function with economic development and take the lead in coordination of business outreach and workforce development strategy.

2017 Accomplishments  

  • Implemented TSPLOST oversight/reporting.
  • Established GASB 77 reporting protocols. 
  • Engaged EY to develop evaluation and governance standards for tax abated projects.
  • Closed 16 bond deals resulting in $1.3B of private capital investments for Fulton County.
  • Concluded Fulton County transit system study with ARC.