Open & Responsible Government

In order to deliver on the citizen-centric priority above, Fulton County government must recruit and develop a competent, engaged workforce and maintain a collection of facilities, equipment and technology that enables high performance. In addition, the County must manage its finances wisely and develop and follow policies that promote both efficient and effective practices. Finally, the government must promote trust among its citizens by regularly reporting on its performance, conducting itself in a transparent and legal manner, and engaging with its residents in setting the direction of county government.

Performance Dashboards and Initiatives

Strategic Performance Dashboard
Strategic performance measures track activities which often extend beyond the power of one department or even the county government to affect on its own, but we believe improvements can be made in these areas through cooperation between departments and through partnerships with other government agencies, non-profits and the private sector. View dashboard
Department Performance Dashboard
Department performance measures are specific to county departments and are designed to track performance for the programs and services provided by each department. Departments set annual performance goals and report quarterly on their progress toward those goals.  View dashboard
Fulton County Strategic Initiatives
Strategic initiatives are major undertakings often involving multiple departments and are aimed at meeting strategic objectives. This section provides information on County's current year initiatives under the Open and Responsible Government priority area as well as accomplishments related to initiatives from last year. View initiatives

Open and Responsible Government Priority Sponsors 

County Commissioners
Commissioner Bob Ellis, District 2
"Fulton County government must recruit and develop a competent, engaged workforce."
Commissioner Natalie Hall, District 4 
“County government’s first and most important responsibility is to serve communities in need. As we take on that role, we need to make sure those programs operate efficiently and are responsive to the needs of our community. “
Chief Officers for Priority Area Departments
Sharon Whitmore, Chief Financial Officer
As CFO, Ms. Whitmore leads all internal shared services functions including Finance, Information Technology, Purchasing and Human Resources Management, and is responsible for internal departmental satisfaction with shared services and efficient operations. 

Department Heads
Tonya Grier, Clerk to the Commissioner 
The Clerk is appointed by the Board of Commissioners to prepare and sound the agenda, keep the minutes of all Board meetings, provide research of Commission records and assist the Board with administrative and legislative functions. 
Soo Jo, County Attorney 
The Office of the County Attorney oversees an extensive litigation practice and performs other important functions such as preparing legislation and resolutions for the Board of Commissioners; researching and preparing legal opinions interpreting local, state and federal laws for the Fulton County officials; and negotiating contracts for major development projects. The Office of the County Attorney also oversees a great variety of property and tax matters. 
Anthony Nicks, County Auditor 
The Office of the County Auditor is charged with providing independent, objective assurance and advisory services to Fulton County Management in order to ensure the validity and reliability of fiscal and performance reporting of county-wide operations. The Office is primarily responsible for conducting contract, performance, financial, operational, program and compliance audits and completing special requests from Elected Officials and the County Manager. 
Dick Anderson, County Manager Executive Office 
The Office of the County Manager is responsible for the overall administration of all County departments as the combined organization implements the policies of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. 
Niger Thomas, Director, Diversity and Compliance
The mission of the  Office of Diversity and Civil Rights Compliance (DCRC) (formerly the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Disability Affairs) is to ensure equity, fairness and accessibility to Fulton County's programs and services as well as its terms and conditions of employment. Consistent with federal law and Fulton County policy, this protection extends to employees, applicants and citizens (as appropriate) without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual identity, ancestry, age, disability and genetic information.
Brigette Bailey, Director, Customer Service 
Through engaged employees who are committed to quality service delivery, the Office of Customer Experience and Solutions works to improve the overall customer experience through its service efforts and delivery of solutions to both citizen and employee concerns. The Office aims to provide service that is convenient, accessible, inclusive and user friendly. 
Jessica Corbitt, Director, External Affairs
The  Department of External Affairs,  Communications  Division  provides information services directly to the citizens of Fulton County through coordination of tours, media/press, special events, publications, and more.
Hakeem Oshikoya, Director, Finance
The Fulton County Finance Department serves as a central point through which all revenues and disbursements of the general Fulton County Government are channeled. Manages the County's debt and investment portfolio, risk management and internal audit.
Kenneth Hermon, Director, Human Resources Management
The Department of Human Resources Management administers a centralized merit system for the entire County in accordance with established laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures.
Felicia Strong-Whitaker, Director, Purchasing
The vision of the Department of Purchasing & Contract Compliance is to ensure the integrity of the purchasing process and to ensure  fair and equitable treatment of all persons who deal with the Department of Purchasing & Contract Compliance.
Nadine Williams, Interim Director, Registration and Elections 
The Registration and Elections Department is responsible for conducting elections in Fulton County and registering voters who reside within Fulton County. The Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections has jurisdiction over the Department of Registration and Elections. The department is headed by a Director who is the chief administrative officer to the Board of Registration and Elections.
Mike Rowicki, Director, Strategy and Performance Management 
The Strategy and Performance Office is responsible for collecting County wide and departmental data while reporting  each's departments quarterly performance metrics, to demonstrate their ability to deliver services with efficiency and impact, and their ability to meet the goals set in the Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Commissioners. 
Dwight Robinson, Tax Assessor 
The Fulton County Board of Assessors was established by state law to determine the fair market value of all real and personal property in the county. The Board is responsible for preparing a fair and equitable tax digest annually in accordance with applicable laws and professional standards.