All People Trust Government is Efficient, Effective and Fiscally Sound

2018 Initiatives 

  • Successfully transition all key service to the City of South Fulton.
  • Implement pay for performance plan with primary focus on customer satisfaction and key department metrics.
  • Continue to use new HR policies to support development and retention of key talent.
  • Deliver new website experience and target customer self-serve capabilities.
  • Utilize performance reporting at the strategic and department levels to drive performance oriented culture and transparency. 

  • Develop and intense focus on three core processes related to criminal justice, elections, and property tax and manage effectively through metrics and process management.
  • Invest $3.4M in technology and people enhancements to make the property tax appraisal process timely, credible and responsive. 
  • Invest $7M in elections process to ensure performance in statewide election cycle. 
  • Continue to invest $100M in capital programs for facilities and improvements.
  • Continue to invest $25M in the Information Technology roadmap implementation.  

2017 Accomplishments 

  • Adopted new customer service standards and policies.
  • Transitioned Planning, Code Enforcement and Business License city services to Renaissance.
  • Invested $100M in facilities and improvements.
  • Completed $6M in IT improvements.