Arts & Libraries Focus Area

Arts and Library facilities have a positive economic, social, and quality of life impact on a community. Fulton County is committed to ensuring that residents have access to a variety of quality, cultural, and educational activities. The County currently provides programs and events throughout county libraries and facilities. As a result, these programs and events indirectly stimulate arts and culture ecosystem by funding non-profit organizations across the County.
The Arts & Library Focus Area dashboard reflects strategic level measures and objectives that track activities beyond the power of just one department but reflect the county as a whole. By tracking these goals it gives citizens a high level view of how Fulton county operates between departments, other government agencies, non-profits and private sectors within the county. 
The Departmental Key Performance Indicators dashboard reflects all departments within the Arts & Library focus area. Each department dashboards contains measures that are specific to its own operations, services  and programs. These dashboards gives citizens an in depth look at what each department purpose, functionalities, and capabilities are. Although each metrics has an annual performance target their performance is tracked and report quarterly.
The Strategic initiatives dashboard provides information on the County's current year initiatives under the Arts & Library focus area. It also reflects the County's accomplishments related to initiatives from the previous year. Not only is this section key in giving citizens a sense of where Fulton County is heading and what we would like to accomplish, but it also will paint a picture of how much progress the County has made on agreed upon initiatives.