Arts & Libraries

2023 Strategic Initiatives 

2022 Strategic Initiatives 

  • Continue to expand collaboration efforts with Fulton County Public Arts Future Lab and neighboring agencies
  • Finalize the Strategic Plan for the Vision of the Library of the Future with a focus on early literacy and digital inclusion
  • Completion of Library Renovation which results in a resiliency hub at the Central Library and improved overall services
  • Completion of the Central Library renovation to improve accessibility and expand services
  • Continue hiring efforts in the library to emphasize the Social Service Program to target homelessness and behavioral health needs as wrap around service in the community
  • Collaborate with WABE radio station to utilize the 8th floor of the Central Library as a center of operations and increased public relations opportunity for the County

2021 Strategic Initiatives

  • Continue to invest in programs that combat food insecurity 
  • Implement new ARTS service delivery model, focused on establishing community partnerships for Arts capacity
  • Continue to provide virtual services to ensure residents needs are met

2019 Strategic Initiatives

  • Develop a Strategic Plan for All People's Lives are Culturally Enriched
  • Continued investment in the rehabilitation and renovations at the Library locations
  • Direct funding for high profile arts and culture festivals, exhibits and arts center support throughout the County.
  • Target film industry for economic development potential

2018 Strategic Initiatives 

  • Continue the investment of the $100M of the Library Bond improvements to existing facilities.
  • Develop a Strategic Plan for All People's Lives are Recreationally and Culturally Enriched, with a focus on Cultural Enrichment. 
  • Fully implement Live Nation at Wolf Creek and generate $800K to $1M in revenue. 
  • Implement governance structure to allow for the generation of private funding in the area of Arts and Culture.