Arts and Culture

About the Department
The Fulton County Arts Council and the Fulton County Department of Arts & Culture serves as Fulton County’s funding agency to support cultural programs and the agency which provides services to Fulton County based nonprofit arts organizations and Fulton County residents.
We believe the arts are essential to the quality of life of our citizens and to the economic and social health of our communities. The mission of the Fulton County Department of Arts and Culture is to insure all citizens’ access to the arts.

Key Performance Indicators

Fulton County Arts and Culture makes performance and meeting facilities available for rental at its arts centers. This metric tracks the percent increase in rental fees revenue collected through facility rentals at the five arts and cultural centers throughout Fulton County. Rental agreements are made with individuals and organizations. Rental fees are comprised of security deposits, daily or part day usage fees and equipment rental fees.

CFS provides unrestricted general operating and project support to nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations, arts & culture organizations, cultural institutions, colleges and universities, as well as units of government that produce or present ongoing arts programming open to the public. CFS contractors present programs that reflect the cultural diversity of the County, captures the imagination of adults, families and youth, invigorate neighborhood growth, support economic development and provides jobs. This performance measure tracks the percentage growth in Contracts for Services (CFS) program participation. The measure captures the CFS programs ability to attract new applications from non-profits arts organizations and individual artists. 

We are measuring the percentage growth in program participation for the department's Arts Center programs. The measure captures participation by Fulton County and non-Fulton County residents in arts education classes, theatrical productions, musical concerts, visual arts exhibitions, various workshops and fine, literary and performing arts festivals.

Arts & Culture’s arts centers provide direct arts services that improve the quality of life of citizens as well as increased access to the arts. This metric tracks the percentage of people attending events or participating in programs who report that report the quality of the event or program as being very good or excellent. The percentage is estimated by surveying attendees and participants.