Arts and Culture

Department Information:
Phone: 404-612-8190 | Address: 141 Pryor Street, Ste 2030 Atlanta, Ga. 30303
David Manuel, Director
The Fulton County Department of Arts & Culture assists the Fulton County Commission in the development of public policy on public support for the arts industry, makes recommendations to Fulton County Commissioners on funding the arts, and generally oversees the development and implementation of publicly assisted programs that address the diverse cultural needs for Fulton County's citizens.
The department funds contract arts organizations, manages Fulton County’s Public Art Program, provides art instruction for children, teens, and adults, and over 100 annual cultural events through two neighborhood Arts Centers, Public Art, and Community Partnerships.
The department also organizes master classes, workshops, and other training for artists and arts organizations and operates galleries and performance venues.

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Percentage increase in rental fees revenue by individuals using arts center facilities
Why is this important: One of the primary responsibilities of the department is ensuring citizens have access and use of Arts Centers for delivering artistic services and presenting other events. The department's objectives are to increase awareness, drive usage and offer opportunities for community citizens and organizations the ability to present artistic, cultural and other events within communities. The indicator measures the department's ability to drive usage through measurement of rental revenues.

Description: Percentage increase in CFS program contractors
Why is this important: One of the primary responsibilities of the department is ensuring citizens have access, awareness that drive usage of the department's programmatic resources. This measure provides an indicator for the year over year growth in the Contracts for Services programs efforts to attract new applicants to seek competitive grants for the delivery of arts and cultural services throughout Fulton County.

Description: Percentage increase in program participants for any department, collaborative, or partnership programming, activity, event, or initiative
Why is this important: Staff records and maintains data in an excel spreadsheet which is verified against ActiveNet and ticket sales reports and attendance counts.

Description: Percentage of individuals attending/participating in a program who report their level of satisfaction as "Excellent" or "Very Good"
Why is this important: The customer service survey for the Arts and Culture department targets external customers that visited the department and received services. The survey is conducted on the department's website using an online weblink that directs the customers to the survey. This survey is ongoing and the number of survey participants varies.