Board of Assessors

About the Department
The Fulton County Board of Assessors was established by state law to determine the fair market value of all real and personal property in the county. The Board is responsible for preparing a fair and equitable tax digest annually in accordance with applicable laws and professional standards.

Key Performance Indicators

This KPI measures the percentage of properly filed homestead applications that are reviewed and entered into the system. Homestead exemptions can be filed year-round, but must be filed by April 1st in order to be applicable for the current tax year. It is the departments goal to make sure all approved applications are keyed timely so the exemption is reflected on each tax bill.

This KPI measures the percentage of new construction inspected and placed on the tax digest.

This KPI measures the percentage of deed conveyances processed. When the sale or split of a property occurs, the transaction must be reflected in the tax digest so that that correct owner of record is listed.

This KPI measures the percentage of businesses that are reviewed by field inspection and/or desk audit which have been identified as no longer in business at the specified location. This inspection verifies the current status of the business or gives the indication if a new entity occupies that space.

This KPI measures the percentage of sale transactions reviewed. This review is an analysis to determine which sales are valid and which are non-valid. Valid sales are included in the annual sales ratio studies.

The customer service survey for the Tax Assessor department targets external customers that visited the department. The survey is conducted within the department using an online weblink that directs the customers to the survey. This survey is ongoing and the participants vary.