Buckner Road @ Union Road

Description or Project Schedule

Intersection improvements will include the use of an oval roundabout or circular roundabout. A traffic report concluded that a roundabout is the best alternative to handle the traffic congestion at this intersection. Additional improvements include drainage, curb & gutter, street lights, and sidewalks


$2.0 million
Primary Funding Source
Sales Tax

 Public Open House Comments

Catherine Rowell
" Add ornamental flowering plants in the center of the roundabouts."
Crystall Carroll
"The roundabout circle or oval is not going to a accommodate the amount of traffic that the area is going to grow(sidewalks)."
Antoinette Kidd
"I would like to have the road straightened to connect better. It's very awkward going across Butner to Union or turning left on "Union" from Butner. The oval roundabout may be better to help reach those streets better. I would rather have a traffic light."

Links to Additional Documents

Below is a link to Fulton County capital projects fact sheet that includes items such as construction time, approximate cost and traffic data.
Below is a link to the Fulton County Open House Comment Cards.