Clerk to the Commission

About the Department
The Clerk to the Commission is officially responsible for the County seal and the retention and preservation of official records including meeting agendas, minutes, resolutions, ordinances, and appointments to more than 60 county-appointed boards and authorities.

Key Performance Indicators

This KPI measures the percentage of BOC minutes within 10 days. All BOC meetings, in which a quorum is present, are recorded and Post Agenda Minutes are produced. These minutes are posted for viewing within 48 hours after the BOC meeting.

We are measuring how quickly the Clerk to the Commission office processes contracts, agreements, MOUs, grants, resolutions, etc. for execution by the Board of Commissioners, attested by the Clerk to the Commission.

We are measuring the accuracy of records relating to the Board's actions. After each Board of Commissioners' meeting there are Post Agenda minutes compiled by the Clerk's office indicating the actions and votes taken by the Board. The Clerk also compiles the minutes from each board meeting consisting of verbatim collected from the court reporter. Once minutes are completed by the Clerk, they are forwarded to the Board of Commissioners and their staff for review and placed on the Agenda for ratification by the Board. During the following Board of Commissioners meeting the Commissioners vote to ratify the meeting minutes, making corrections if necessary.

For the customer service survey, the Clerk to the Commission office uses external and internal customers who received services from the department. These emails surveys are sent to BOC, department heads, and external customers. This survey occurs quarterly and the participants receiving vary each quarter.