Community Development

About the Department
The Fulton County Department of Community Development strengthens people, families, and communities through partnerships with various community organizations and outreach programs. Our partners include organizations that are non-profit, private sector, government, volunteer, and citizen advocates.

Key Performance Indicators

This KPI measures the percent of invoices submitted to 141 Finance for processing within 10 days of receipt.

How many unsheltered individuals from the streets are placed into some type of housing for stabilization.

This KPI measures the percentage of Participating Lender and homebuyer satisfaction with the Home Ownership Program.

Workshops held throughout Fulton County to familiarize agencies with the Community Services Program, as well as provide agencies with an opportunity to gain clarity needed to submit a proposal that complies with the requirements.

This KPI measures the percentage of individuals who receive financial assistance including rental assistance, down payment assistance, utility assistance and/or rehabilitation assistance. For the purpose of this KPI, we will collect data from all programs that offer these services.