County Auditor

About the Department
The Office of the County Auditor is charged with providing independent, objective assurance and advisory services to Fulton County Management in order to ensure the validity and reliability of fiscal and performance reporting of county-wide operations.
 Under the leadership of the County Auditor, the office is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of internal controls and programs, ensure regulatory compliance, and identify opportunities for process improvements that adequately safeguard the organization against loss, waste or abuse. Using knowledge and professional judgment, the Office of the County Auditor provides an independent appraisal of the County’s financial, operational, and control activities.   

Key Performance Indicators

We are measuring the percentage of audit recommendations agreed to by management. Recommendations state what internal audit believes should be done to accomplish beneficial results. They do not direct what must be done but seek to convince others of what needs to be done. As such, our recommendations are action-oriented, convincing, well-supported, and effective. When appropriately implemented, they should get the desired beneficial results.

This KPI measures the percentage of Title VI site visits that do not have compliance issues. The Office of the County Auditor has the responsibility of conducting Title VI Compliance Site Reviews of Federal financial assisted recipients and sub-recipients to determine whether they are honoring their commitments, as represented by certification, to comply with the Title VI/Non-discrimination Civil Rights requirements. A site visit begins once the Title VI Coordinator schedules a time to meet with the department's Director and/or Title VI liaison. The visit is considered complete once the Title VI Coordinator has issued a written report containing any findings and/or concerns noted during the visit. The department is required to provide a written response to the review within 10 days if findings and/or concerns are listed in the report. The written report is then submitted to the County Manager and Board of Commissioners.

Percentage of Whistleblower Hotline cases reviewed within 24 hours of submittal to ensure complaints are handled in an appropriate, fair and equitable manner with the goal of resolving all complaints in a timely fashion with utmost objectivity and professionalism.

Percentage of customers surveyed who indicate they are satisfied or highly satisfied with the internal audit process.

Number of completed audits/special requests/research/assignments/projects requested by the BOC, County Manager, County Attorney, Audit Committee, and Department Heads to ensure effectiveness