County Manager Executive Office

Dick Anderson, County Manager
The Office of the County Manager is responsible for the overall administration of all County departments as the combined organization implements the policies of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. 

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Percentage chat and chew attendees with overall satisfaction of purpose and experience
Why is this important: The purpose of the Chat and Chew Visits is to provide a platform for employees to speak candidly to the County Manager. These visits also help the County Manager and his team to build an engaged workforce and trusting relationships with employees which align with the County's priority area of All People Trust Government.

Description: Number of p-cards submitted on time
Why is this important: This KPI serves as a good indicator because it keeps the County Manager's Executive Office from violating the County's PCard Policy. It also helps to prevent the County's credit rating from being negatively impacted, while ensuring that most, if not all PCard Reconciliation Reports are submitted by the 1st of each month.

Description: Percentage of chat and chew items on-track or achieved by target date
Why is this important: The KPI serves as good measure because the County Manager and his staff are able to measure the number of employees attending the Chat and Chew Visits and the KPI Percentage or number of employees who report that they are satisfied with the Chat and Chew Visits provides the County Manager and his staff with feedback about the effectiveness of the Chat and Chew Visits.

Description: Percentage of department heads and staff who rated their satisfaction with services as very or extremely satisfied
Why is this important: The purpose of delivering good internal customer service is to positively influence the County culture and ensure that the County has an engaged work force which aligns with the County 1st in 3 Mission: Impact, Service, Efficiency and Engaged People.