Customer Experience and Solutions

Department Information
Phone: 404-612-4000 |  Address: 141 Pryor Street First Floor Atlanta, Ga 30303
Brigitte Bailey, Director
Fulton County Government is committed to customer service excellence. We have integrated customer service into our model of performance. We want to serve you through consistent, courteous, accurate and uniform best customer service practices.
The Fulton County Customer Service Division serves as the first point of contact for Fulton County residents by helping them navigate county services and resources.  The division provides the public and employees with general information on county services and functions, assists customers who need information in a language other than English, offers communication services for the hearing impaired, provides notary services, and offers a self-serve station with a computer and internet access for residents to conduct official county business. In addition, the division also manages the customer satisfactions kiosks, assists departments in customer satisfaction survey development and administration, receives and collaborates with departments to resolve customer complaints, analyzes business processes to provide recommendations on enhanced service delivery opportunities to ensure a positive customer experience, conducts pain point surveys with departments upon request, and manages the Customer Service Legend Employee Recognition Program. 
Our goal is to enthusiastically provide customers and employees with exceptional customer service as we strive to create a positive customer experience with every interaction. Please contact our customer service telephone number below for any assistance regarding any Fulton County services or for your departmental customer service needs. 
Because We Care, We Serve.

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Percentage of customers who report their level of satisfaction with service as satisfied or very satisfied
Why is this important: The Customer Service Division serves as the hub of information for Fulton County serving nearly 1 million citizens of Fulton County and over 5,000 county employees. As the voice and initial point of contact for citizens seeking service, it is critical that this division provide best in class service to guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction. As the County moves towards creating a more customer-centric culture and organization as a whole, measuring customer satisfaction is a direct link between this indicator and the department's objective.

Description: Percentage of inquiries/ complaints researched, investigated, and resolved by the CS division within 5 business days
Why is this important: The County is focused on providing five star customer service and part of that initiative is linked to our level of responsiveness and ability to resolve a problem upon initial contact. This measure is designed to measure the division's ability to be able to resolve inquiries and concerns as a means of expeditiously providing solutions to citizens in a timely manner. This measure ties directly back into the newly adopted Customer Service Policy to timely respond to inquiries and concerns.

Description: Percentage of inquiries and complaints researched, resolved or escalated to departmental level by the Customer Service Division within 24 hours
Why is this important: As complaints are received in the Customer Service Division, they are logged in the complaint log, which outlines the details of the complaint, date received, department name, contact, resolution or escalation, date resolved or escalated. Complaints are reviewed to determine if they require escalation or can be handled directly by the Customer Service Division. A count of all complaints received that required escalation is performed and is then divided by the total number of complaints that were escalated within a 24 hour period. Future data collection will be collected through Remedy Force, which is a customer ticketing system that has been procured to track customer data and complaints. Once implemented complaints will be entered into this electronic system and this system will calculate the percentages.

Description: Average time to answer calls in the queue
Why is this important: Within the Customer Service Division, there is a call center that houses three staff members who are responsible for answering incoming calls for Fulton County Government. This measure is in place monitor the time a customer has to wait in the call queue prior to speaking with a call center representative. The longer a customer has to wait to speak with an agent, the less satisfied they are with their experience. As a result, the customer service division has set a standard of answering calls within 60 seconds or less based on the amount of calls received and staffing level within the division.