Diversity and Civil Rights Compliance

Department Information
Phone: 404-612-7305 | Address: 141 Pryor Street SW, 5th Floor Atlanta, GA 30303
 Email: dcrc@fultoncountyga.gov
Melissa Cuthrell, Director
The Fulton County Office of Diversity and Civil Rights Compliance (DCRC) is responsible for the day to day implementation and coordination Of Fulton County's non-discrimination and accessibility efforts pursuant to Fulton County policies and procedures, relevant federal laws as well as applicable grant requirements.
Programs in this office include Civil Rights Investigations, Programming and Compliance (CRC), Disability Affairs Programming and Compliance and Inclusive Education and Metrics.
Services provided by the DCRC are primarily directed to support Fulton County Government employees and citizens as appropriate.

Key Performance Indicators 

Description: Average number of days for DCRC to complete investigations
Why is this important: The Office is responsible for investigating claims of discrimination made by employees and members of the public. Federal Laws and Fulton County Policy mandate that the Office conduct timely complaint investigations (within 60 days or less). The current indicator (KPI Measure)encourages the Office to implement investigative processes that will expedite complaint resolution and reduce the number of days needed to investigate a complaint.

Description: Percentage of clients that agree services/assistance provided were respectful and understandable
Why is this important: The Diversity and Civil Rights Compliance department targets internal customers who received services from the department through email using an individual software called Survey Monkey. The survey occurs quarterly and the number of participants varies each quarter.

Description: Increase the number of the County/Contractor workforce completing DCRC Training offerings
Why is this important: The DCRC Training Offerings KPI measures the percentage of the Fulton County workforce that receives exposure to training that promotes equal opportunity principles. This KPI measures the reach of DCRC’s training programing by indicating the percentage of employees and contractors that receive DCRC training and are aware of County’s commitment to equal opportunity and inclusion for all.

Description: Increase opportunities to raise participation in the workplace belonging program
Why is this important: The DCRC Workplace Belonging Initiative KPI measures the degree to which (3) pilot departments report an increased awareness of the benefits of workplace belonging and positive belonging behaviors that advance Fulton’s “great place, great people, great work strategy.” This KPI measures the reach of DCRC’s Belonging Strategy by indicating the number of pilot departments that participate in the pilot program and report the positive organizational benefits of Workplace Belonging.

Description: Decrease average number of days needed for DCRC to prepare procurements for effective communication
Why is this important: The procurement processing KPI measures the average number of days DCRC utilizes to prepare procurements for BOC approval. This KPI measures the DCRC’s ability to prepare County-Wide procurements in a timely and efficient manager [within 90 business days on avg.].

Description: Develop a Quarterly ADA Transition Plan Report
Why is this important: The accessibility reporting KPI measure will assist the County will keeping track of the accomplishments and outstanding objectives outlined in the County’s self-evaluation plan and all outstanding federal audits on a quarterly basis.

Description: Increase percentage of DCRC clients with disabilities that obtain reasonable accommodations
Why is this important: The reasonable accommodation KPI measures the degree to which DCRC's reasonable accommodation program assist persons with disabilities and Fulton County management representatives with finding workplace accommodations that support equal employment opportunity and operational effectiveness. This KPI measures the performance of DCRC reasonable accommodation program and indicates the degree to which the program successfully facilitates reasonable accommodation agreements between DCRC clients and Fulton County management representatives.