Department Information
Phone: 404-612-7600 | Address: 141 Pryor Street, SW Suite 7001 Atlanta, GA 30303
Hakeem Oshikoya, Director
The Fulton County Finance Department serves as a central point through which all revenues and disbursements of the general Fulton County Government are channeled. Manages the County's debt and investment portfolio, risk management and internal audit.

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Investment return relative to benchmark market rate
Why is this important: Ensure County funds earn that are not being utilized are earning a return.

Description: Percentage of financial reports filed within the Grantor's deadline
Why is this important: One of the primary tasks of the Grants Administration Division is to ensure all financial reports required by the various granting agencies are filed timely. Failure to report timely may result in audit findings and/or a hold on grant reimbursements.

Description: Percentage of invoices paid within 2 weeks of department approval and/or policy compliance
Why is this important: Accounts Payable services all county departments and the FCBOH, AFCWRC, City of South Fulton, and other contractual funds through a partial listing of the following: 1) vendor payment processing including receipt of invoices, final system approval, check disbursement and 1099 issuance; 2) travel and training payment and reconciliation processing including credit card reconciliation review and payment; and 3) countywide training on the financial and reporting systems. These items are the catalyst that ensures that the County meets all spending requirements. In addition, the primary responsibilities of the vendor payment process is ensuring compliance with all applicable policies and procedures (federal, state, local, accounting, etc.).

Description: Water and Sewer fees collection rate on a 1 year rolling average
Why is this important: Measure the County's ability to collect for services provided to citizens. In this case, water and sewer services.

Description: Percentage of Requests for Certificates or Evidence of Insurance that are Received and Responded to within 2 business days
Why is this important: Pursuant to Fulton County Code of Ordinances § 102-81(d);Fulton County’s self-funded coverage plan is administered by Risk Management Division of Finance at Fulton County. Risk Management maintains the county’s insurance coverages portfolio and has to provide evidence of the coverages to requesting parties via either Certificates of Insurance (COI) showing type policy and limits ,or written communication regarding the county’s self-funding for self- insurance. Responding to requests for evidence of insurance coverage is an essential component of our self-funded plan administration and our support services to departments and agencies that have a need to show proof of insurance to carry out their business objectives. Risk management also manages Auto, Liability, Property and WC claims falling within the self-insurance layer . We must provide proof of the county’s insurance coverage via either Certificate or letter evidencing insurance coverage to a claimant, or their legal representative per GA statute .

Description: Percentage of monthly Summary Financials Prepared by the 15th following the end of each month
Why is this important: The goal is to provide the executive team and departments with up to date information about the County's finances

Description: Percentage of customers who indicate their expectations were met when receiving service from the Department.
Why is this important: This department surveys internal customers who received services from the department for the customer service survey. The survey is conducted by email and occurs quarterly. Approximately 161 emails were sent to survey participants including department liaisons.