HIV Elimination


Start Date:  TBD
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End Date:  TBD
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Description of Initiative:
Fulton County is committed to preventing new cases of HIV and ensuring that those who are currently living with HIV in our community have access to care. Fulton County's efforts to end new cases of HIV is carried out through the Department of HIV Elimination (formerly Office of Ryan White), the Fulton County Board of Health, and care provided at the Fulton County Jail, as well as services delivered by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities and our partnership with Grady Hospital.In addition, the Board of Commissioners established the Fulton County HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Policy Advisory Committee, which brings together community leaders to serve as advisors to the Board of Commissioners on matters related to HIV/AIDS prevention and care.
What we are trying to Accomplish:
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Gantt Chart of Major Milestones: