HIV Elimination 

Department Information:
Phone: 404-612-8285 | Address: 137 Peachtree Street, SW Atlanta, GA 30303
Jeff Cheek, Director
The Fulton County Department for HIV Elimination serves in a leadership role in the development of a coordinated effort to get to no new cases of of HIV in metropolitan Atlanta.
Formerly known as the Ryan White department, the department continues to manage the Atlanta area Ryan White Part A grants representing millions in annual federal funding each year. These funds are used to improve the availability and quality of core medical services and support services for low-income, uninsured, and underinsured individuals and families affected by HIV in the 20-County Atlanta Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA).

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Percentage of funds expended by the end of the Ryan White fiscal year
Why is this important: Fulton County's Ryan White Program is committed to being good stewards of public funds and ensuring that funds are effectively and efficiently administered. The KPI measures the effectiveness of the Ryan White Program in efficiently administering federal funds. Ryan White Legislation and Regulations are such that at least 95% of Formula Funding must be expended in the current fiscal year. Any Formula Funding unexpended once the 95% threshold has been met may be requested to be carried-over into the next fiscal year (this carry-over request is not guaranteed to be approved). Should less than 95% of Formula Funding be unexpended in a Fiscal Year, the EMA is ineligible for future year Supplemental Funds. Any unexpended Supplemental Funding is ineligible for carry-over and is lost to us. In addition to ensuring that our administrative funds are expended, staff work with our subrecipients throughout the fiscal year to ensure that an agency will be able to expend all funds by the end of the fiscal year. If funds will not be expended by one subrecipient our office redirects the funds to another subrecipient which has demonstrated the capacity to expend the funds in the fiscal year.

Description:  Percentage of invoices processed within 15 days of receipt

Why is this important: This is a modification to the measure. The purpose of this indicator is to ensure the department is processing invoices in a timely manner. Modification is requested because more time is needed for invoices to process through the system given resource limitations at the county, department, and agency levels.

Description:  Percent of Metropolitan Atlanta HIV Health Services Planning Council Meetings

Why is this important: As a recipient of Part A funds, Ryan White legislation mandates the establishment of a Planning Council by the Chief Elected Official of Fulton County. Members of the Council are appointed by the CEO of Fulton County through the Planning Council open nomination process. The Metropolitan Atlanta HIV Health Services Planning Council (Planning Council) primary responsibilities are assessing the needs of PLWH, setting priority and allocating resources for funded services, issuing services related directives, developing a comprehensive plan, coordinating with other Ryan White and HIV related Programs, assessing the efficiency of the administrative mechanism, and developing standards of care. The Part A Planning Council and the recipient have separate roles that are stated in the Ryan White legislation, but it is important for the Ryan White Office and the Planning Council to work collaboratively and cooperatively as partners.

Description:  Number of technical assistance/training sessions provided to the Ryan White Community
Why is this important: From time to time, legislation and policies changes that affect service delivery and access to care. It is important to keep Ryan White Providers and PLWH informed on the latest updates and best practices. The technical assistance sessions aim to improve the knowledge and skills of the Ryan White Providers and PLWH to ensure efficient, effective, and impactful use of Ryan White funds.

Description:  Percentage of Ryan White sub recipients reported their overall level of satisfaction as satisfied or very satisfied

Why is this important:  This department surveys external and internal customers who received services from the department for the customer service survey. The survey is distributed via email and occurs quarterly. The survey participants varies, but includes the Ryan White planning council and agencies; approximately 55-60 participants.