HIV Elimination 

About the Department
The Fulton County Department for HIV Elimination serves in a leadership role in the development of a coordinated effort to get to no new cases of of HIV in Metropolitan Atlanta.
Formerly known as the Ryan White Program Division, the Department continues to manage the Atlanta area Ryan White Part A grants representing millions in annual federal funding each year. These funds are used to improve the availability and quality of core medical services and support services for low-income, uninsured, and underinsured individuals and families affected by HIV in the 20-County Atlanta Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA).
The department is planning for the start-up of a new program beginning in 2020 as part of the US Government’s “Ending the Epidemic: A Plan for America”. This initiative will bring additional resources to support the department’s work in Fulton, Cobb, DeKalb and Gwinnett Counties to reduce the number of new HIV cases.  
The Department for HIV Elimination is also bringing together individuals and organizations from across the region to develop a plan to meet community needs, building upon the work of Fulton County's HIV Task Force and the Metropolitan Atlanta HIV Health Services Planning Council.

Key Performance Indicators

This metric measures the percentage of awarded funds expended in the grant fiscal year in supporting services to persons living with HIV. As an indicator of programmatic staff’s effectiveness, the metric includes expenditures by the Department as the recipient of funding as well as expenditures by the subrecipients we fund annually.

This metric measures the percentage of invoices received from subrecipients processed by the Department within 8 days. This is measured from the date of receipt of an accurate and complete invoice from a subrecipient to the date of entry of the receiver into AMS.

This metric measures the percentage of Metropolitan Atlanta HIV Health Services Planning Council meetings in which Persons Living with HIV are engaged by holding a leadership position. In 1983, the Denver Principles established the foundational belief that planning, allocation of resources, programs, etc. should all include the meaningful engagement of persons living with HIV nothing for us, without us. This belief is further codified in the Ryan White Part A legislation which requires that at least 33% of Persons Living with HIV who receive Part A funded services are members of the Planning Council. The Metropolitan Atlanta HIV Health Services Planning Council realizing the importance of meaningful engagement of Persons Living with HIV seeks to increase the percentage of individuals meaningfully engaging in leadership.

This metric measures the total number of technical assistance/training sessions provided to the Ryan White Community. A technical assistance or training session is a 30-minute or more session focused on a topic coordinated by the Ryan White Program. The session may occur during an in-person community meeting, agency site visit, or during video or teleconference call.

This metric measures the level of the Ryan White Part A Subrecipients’ satisfaction with the customer service our Department staff provided through technical assistance, guidance and support provided. Responses of ‘satisfied’ and 'very satisfied’ are counted towards this percentage.